A few quick facts about me

I’ve spent most of my adult life helping people to heal themselves. I’m a:

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How I got started with Wim Hof

It was late and dark. I was sitting on the floor waiting for the printer to finish printing my Wim Hof Method 10-week course manual. “I’ll give this a go when I’m waiting,” I thought, clicking the play button. “What’s he saying? Breathe fully in, and what? Let go.” I started doing this breathing and I immediately knew I had found something special.


Back then, my life was harder. I was exhausted most of the time. I was happy, but run down. Four young children are hard to raise. I was trying to be a great father, a great husband, keep my career going, while starting a new one. My health was good, but the strain was starting to show.

Astounding benefits

I stared at the screen. The benefits said: deeper and better sleep, more energy, improved health and more. Josie my wife was looking over my shoulder. She saw: reduce stress, deal better with grief and trauma. “Right, we’re trying this Wim Hof Method.”

Amazing results

Within a few days things had changed. We both woke up bright, alive and laughing. We were enjoying ourselves again. The constant grind of nappies, bottles, crying, work (and doing it all again) didn’t disappear. But, our old tired selves did. Instead, they were replaced with two people who felt full of oxygen, energy and love. Some days, I felt so full of energy I thought: “If I jumped up now, I think I could fly through the roof.”

Proven to work

This was because we learnt to unlock our body’s potential simply and effectively. We learnt to breathe deeply and profoundly. We learnt to use the cold to awaken our inner energy. We learnt to be focused and relaxed.

And it works. There is no speculation. It is scientifically proven.

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