Learn the Wim Hof Method in Ireland

You can transform how you feel and how you think by learning the Wim Hof Method here in Ireland. In-depth workshops, weekly classes and one-on-one sessions will give you the skills you need to live a healthier, happier and stronger life.

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At our monthly workshops, you’ll learn to breathe fully and deeply, improving your health, giving you more energy, reducing stress and more.

Upcoming workshops

Dublin: Fundamentals - 3 November

2019 schedule coming soon!

You’ll learn to improve your focus and determination, helping you explore and eventually master your body and mind.

Cold therapy
Finally, you will experience how gradual exposure to the cold strengthens your immune system, balances hormone levels, improves sleep quality, and elevates your mood by producing endorphins - the “feel good” chemicals in the brain.

Does that sound good to you? If so, come and learn to be happy, healthy and strong.



Our weekly Wim Hof Method classes help you practise the method under expert guidance. 

Weekly classes

From 1 September, we will be running weekly classes every Saturday afternoon at 6pm in Booterstown Community and Arts Centre, Dublin. 

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Why attend?

This session is great for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

Beginners get a tantalising introduction to the method. While more advanced students practise under the guidance of an expert instructor, deepening their understanding of the method.

Breath, focus, cold

During the session, we'll explore the different types of breathing, we'll deepen our focus and of course will jump into the ice bath for a refreshing dip.  



For some people, the most effective way to learn is one-on-one with the instructor. Or, in small private workshops. 

For you

As part of that, we will design a programme specifically for your needs and adapt the method to help you achieve them.

Highly effective

This way of learning gets great results and deepens your understanding of the method quickly. 

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To find out more about how you could benefit from a one-on-one Wim Hof Method session, or a private workshop, just send me an email. 

Learn how to use Wim Hof Method to improve your business.