A Wild Wim Hof Adventure in Devil's Glen

What do you mean, “walk through the boulder”? But that is what he said. Follow the path and walk through the boulder. So, I did. And what happened next took my breath away. 

I wasn’t always so adventurous though. I was too tired and too caught up in the grind of everyday life.

But now, I follow the forest paths wherever they lead me. And this one led me into a beautiful forest, through a boulder, down to a rushing river and finally to a majestic waterfall.

On the way:

  • I sat and breathed deeply and profoundly
  • I swam in the rejuvenating river of the waterfall
  • I foraged for wild superfoods
  • And enjoyed every moment 

I'm going to be doing it again on the 9th of June. And I invite you to join me. Come along and learn how to practise the Wim Hof Method in the wild. Come along and enjoy the splendour of the Devil’s Glen.

Come along and walk through the boulder.

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