Join me at #WimRise

Was it the stillness? Was it the lapping waves? I’m not sure. But, sitting on the rocks, breathing deeply as the sun came up was magical. Then, plunging into the cold sea, ignited me. I felt alive. I felt like a superhero.

UPDATE: new #WimRise events announced. Learn more.

I am going to be doing it again and I’d like you to join me.

Every weekday in August, starting Wednesday 1 August, I will be at the Forty Foot in Dublin at 6am. I’ll be doing Wim Hof Method breathing and then jumping into the sea for a dip. Everyone is welcome to come and join me. Whether you’re an expert in the method or a total beginner.

We’ll start breathing at 6am near the shelters. We’ll do that for about 20 minutes. Then, we’ll go for a dip.


Come down, enjoy some profound breathing and the cold sea before starting your day.

It’s called #WimRise. Inspired by #SwimRise, but with a little bit of Wim thrown in there too.

Hope to see you there.