Simple breathing to reduce stress

What did he just say? Our breath is the “remote control” of our nervous system? What the hell does that mean? 

I was sitting in Wim Hof’s house in Holland listening to Kasper van der Meulen (a master teacher of the Wim Hof Method). I think he just said it’s true: mind over matter.

Change how you feel

Simply put: right now, you can use your mind to control your lungs. You can use your lungs to control your breath and you can use your breath to control your nervous system. You can use it to change how feel right now. People used to think that was impossible.

Let’s do it

Take a big deep breath in and exhale slowly and gently.

Try it

No really. While you’re reading this, try it: inhale fully and then slowly exhale. Try it again. Inhale and slowly breathe out. Once more.

How do you feel? I’m guessing you’re more relaxed. You have just triggered your vagus nerve and it is relaxing you as you read this sentence.

Reduce stress

You have control over how you feel. Follow your breath down into the depths of your body, your mind and beyond.

We can reach peace, calm and contentedness - one exhalation at a time.

What to learn more?

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