#WimRise for Clean Seas

It’s your sea. It provides you with half your oxygen. It’s your sea. It provides you with the water you use everyday. It’s your sea. It keeps you alive. But, your sea is often awash with sewage. Want to do something about it?

Come along

On Sunday 28 July, on Sandycove Beach, we’re holding a #WimRise dedicated to keeping our seas clean. And we want to strongly encourage as many of our political representatives to attend too. So, they can see how important the sea is to us. And you can tell them what you think of sewage in your sea.

Read full details of event and book your free ticket.

Bring your politician!

So, with that in mind, below (in the attached document) is a list of the email addresses of many of your representatives. Please email them and strongly urge them to attend #WimRise as your representative.

Email details for your representatives (pdf file).

And here is some suggested text for your email, to make it a bit easier:


I’m writing to invite you to an important event, where hundreds of your constituents will be meeting to highlight the problem of the sewage in the water. This ‘Clean Seas’ event will take place at 6am on Sunday 28th of July 2019 on Sandycove beach. What is this event?

#WimRise events take place at various beaches along the Dublin coast. #WimRise is where people come together to breathe fully and deeply using the Wim Hof Method and then hop into the sea for a swim.

However, this time we are running this event to highlight the pollution problem. Here are the full details of the event.

We would really appreciate if you could attend as our local representative. The event will be featured on FM104 and Newstalk in the coming week.

Many thanks